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Working CASH FLOW Affiliate Plan 
5kSolution (5kS) compensation plan designed to reward 5kS participating members as QUICKLY as possible and to generate growing commissions without requiring much additional effort.
When you make a Product Package purchase Product Package purchase (only $15.00 out-of-pocket cost) and join, you will be designated as a Distributor. 
That creates a personal 'Income Center' or 'Leader Position' under which you will start growing an income as others (referred by you or by those above you - your upline partners) make their own product purchases and join your team.

Turn $15 Into $300 Residual Monthly Income 
$30 Into $600 or $60 Into $1200....
As more and more people join your team, each starting off in their own 'Leader Position', your earned commissions will grow bigger and bigger as a result of their cumulative effort. That is what we refer to as LEVERAGE and that is what enables you to earn additional Product Packages. 
Additionally, what makes our 5kSolution  even more rewarding is that you get to earn MULTIPLE-INCOME CENTERS that will allow you to earn even more commission bonuses over and over!
Our Pay Plan creates sales volume from purchases and multiple income centers. So imagine you have four income-centers earning $300 each that's a $1200 monthly income potential and at the same time you are earning additional Product Packages.

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Turn $15 into a $ 300 Monthly Income
$30 into $600 / $60 into $1200

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