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Time For The Power Of Team Build 
Our system enables you to beat the 'numbers game' by growing your home-based business faster and more effectively than ever before. We've built-in proven success strategies that work very well to keep fresh new prospects viewing your opportunities on a regular basis and take the action step you desire.

Our admin offers a built-in a co-op Traffic Rotator Leads system whereby everyone could purchase shares of the traffic. This unique system effectively will create an explosive growth of the number of sales that are attributed directly to you and your downline. 
Turn $10 Into $500 Residual Monthly Income 
$20 Into $1000 or $40 Into $2000.... 
As more and more people join your team, each starting off in their own 'Leader Position', your earned commissions will grow bigger and bigger as a result of their cumulative effort. That is what we refer to as LEVERAGE and that is what enables you to earn additional Product Packages. 
Additionally, what makes our 5kSolution  even more rewarding is that you get to earn MULTIPLE-INCOME CENTERS that will allow you to earn even more commission bonuses over and over!
Our Pay Plan creates sales volume from purchases and multiple income centers. So imagine you have four income-centers earning $500 each that's a $2000 monthly income potential and at the same time you are earning additional Product Packages.

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