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Compensation Plan

When considering ANY Referral Compensation Plan, it is absolutely essential to ask, and get satisfactory answers to, two important questions:

    1. What are the requirements and what do I really have to accomplish in order to reach my desired income goal?
    2. Can I realistically map out a Course of Action that will create that income and can I match it to the Referral Plan in a way that makes sense to ME?


When you join 5KSolution as an Associate you are automatically upgraded to 'Business-Builder' Distributor' with a personal 'Income Center' and the option to refer others and grow your network of Customers and Distributors and your income! 

5KSolution was designed to put money in the pockets of both the 'strong' and the 'not-so-strong'.
We are going to flip the industry from a 98% failure ratio to 98% Success Rate! No other affiliate program pay's out  100% commissions on four levels like 5KSolution! 

Ways to Earn With 5KSolution

4x4 Forced Matrix Commissions
Matching Bonus Commissions

4x4 Forced Matrix


 You can earn up to $500 per month on all four levels.

 You need to be qualified with a personal purchase ($10 monthly). 
 No personal sponsoring required to earn Matrix commissions.
Our Pay Plan Rewards ACTION!

 Supremely Lucrative Turbo Plan

Even though there are no sponsoring requirements to earn income in the 4x4 Matrix as shown in the chart above, we wanted to provide a strong incentive that would encourage our members to put in effort to sponsor and help others grow and earn income...and we have done that!

 You will also earn a 100% Matching Bonus on all personally referred Members Matrix earnings. That's $500 Matching Bonus monthly earnings potential on each personal referral.

Referral 100% Matching Bonus

The Referral Matching is different than the Referral Monthly Bonus as it's based on your personal referrals Matrix earnings.

Let's say that you personally sponsor only 2 who each earned $500 on their own 4x4 matrix. Just from those 2 personal referrals alone you would earn $1000 on Matching Bonus. Plus remember, this is in addition to your own Matrix commission earnings.

Could you imagine sponsoring 5 or 10 how your income would begin to pile up?     

Your potential Matching Bonus Commissions is truly unlimited!

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